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EXOTIC SYSTEMS is a player committed to the complex world of IOT and campaigns to make it more accessible for all.

An experience of 14 years, a daily commitment to its customers and partners, a mastery of know-how, especially thanks to its pool of recognized experts allow Exotic Systems to be a leader in IOT.

Our team has the unique ability to take ownership of its clients’ projects and thus develops a strong proximity relationship, working in co-construction, in the service of project efficiency.

“We create value for our customers by providing reliable access to connected technology”


The history of EXOTIC SYSTEMS has its roots in Auvergne, a territory that contributed to its birth and growth. Since the beginning, EXOTIC SYSTEMS excels in the design of new communicating electronic products that provide a concrete solution to a business problem often considered complex, on the fringes of standards, a little exotic … Which earns it its name!

Local support…

EXOTIC SYSTEMS was created in March 2007. To give birth to the project, it receives the support of local institutional and economic partners and the support of local initiative platforms, BPI France, the Regional Council of Auvergne via European funds in particular.

In 2007, EXOTIC developed the first Bluetooth beacon to distribute digital content to mobile phones and record presence and traffic data. In 2009, the company bounced back by valuing the know-how acquired through the development of an engineering service delivery activity,on behalf, in particular, of the automotive industry.

New investors…

In 2010, the FCPR JEREMIE Innovation, managed by the company SOFIMAC PARTNERS enters the capital of EXOTIC SYSTEMS to support its growth in the nascent market of the “connected object”. In parallel, the first projects with Michelin were born and pushed the company to enter, with Limagrain, the capital of the company in 2017, aware of the high stakes around the IOT.

Julien Coudon et Laurent Gineste EXOTIC SYSTEMS
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Our design office

Our structure has developed a design office activity in the design of connected products, by valuing its core business with industrialists. We regularly work with large groups and also with SMEs and start-ups.

This BE activity has since been well structured. Every year, several dozen projects are launched.

Growing connected

In 2014, EXOTIC SYSTEMS expanded its business and identified opportunities. To answer this, it develops tracking solutions for professionals… 4 flagship products are born: Baliz, KaptR, SupertrackR and Beakon.

EXOTIC SYSTEMS holds 4 patents to date.

Smart Things? Smart Partner!

For 14 years, EXOTIC has been transforming ideas of connected objects into industrializable products. A recognized expert in electronics and radio technologies of the Internet of Things, EXOTIC combines the skills of the electronic component…

to the data in base, from prototyping to the industrialization of hardware and software.

EXOTIC’s premises in Clermont-Ferrand are organized into a development unit and a production unit. The development unit welcomes on a single platform all the resources necessary for the design, development and testing of the products under study.

The production unit reduces the manufacturing time of prototypes, pilots, and small series of materials. The cooperation between the two units makes it possible to integrate the constraints of manufacture and assembly from the design of the products.

EXOTIC is known for its agility, inventiveness, efficiency, listening and flexibility that qualify it to lead complex projects.

Our methodology

Our team advocates an AGILE connected object design methodology, by carrying out short iterations that involve the customer and the user of the product in the project team, especially during design workshops…

where the scenarios of use confront the constraints of design, technological, industrial, regulatory.

Each iteration marks the project by limiting the risks of making investments without ensuring the product / market suitability during the development cycle.

EXOTIC’s offer of skills and services is modular: creation of the embedded board, the prototype, and this until industrialization.

A 360° vision

The success of a connected object depends on its ability to respond to specific usage issues. Exotic systems’ working methodology studies the project upstream and imagines it in its entirety, opening up the field of possibilities.

while respecting the constraints of the customer, ensuring compatibility of the needs expressed with the end uses. EXOTIC complements the skills brought by its client or partner and orchestrates the conduct of projects.

The success of a connected object depends on its ability to respond to specific usage issues. The working methodology of EXOTIC SYSTEMS, which pre-studies the project upstream and imagines it in its entirety by opening the field of possibilities, makes it possible to ensure compatibility of the needs expressed with the end uses.

What differentiates us

“Pragmatic, we never lose sight of the problem of the customer and the use of the end user. We regularly test the different use cases in the field. » …

“Our goal: to design sustainable, intelligent, ergonomic and communicating objects”


At the dawn of Exotic…

We, EXOTIC SYSTEMS, are pioneers convinced of the ability of connected objects to change the world. For this, they must be useful, reliable, beautiful and economically profitable. We defend this vision of a more connected future by being close to our customers.

We are also pragmatic seekers who know how to respond to the challenges of our customers and support them sustainably to invent more connected, more concrete, safer and more humane tomorrows.

Julien Coudon
Co-founder & CEO

A graduate of ISIMA, an engineering school in Clermont, and originally from Auvergne, it is in his native land that Julien wanted to create Exotic Systems with Laurent and Guillaume. Now president of the structure, he also accompanies the support teams on a daily basis and takes care of exotic’s operational and financial management.

Laurent Gineste

Laurent Gineste
Co-founder & CTO

I fell in love with electrons when I was 8, after I saw an electronic kit in a supermarket and I asked my parents to buy it for christmas. This kit was the beginning for my passion for science, physics ans mathematics. The second revolution in my live happened in 1988, I was 10, when my parents bought my first computer, an Amstrad CPC464. I fell in love again, with programming this time… Ahhh BASIC… Since then I’m working on merging AI and IoT to make World great again.

equipe exotic systems


On a daily basis, a multi-disciplinary team, passionate about new technologies, accompanies you in the realization of your projects. Engineers, Logisticians, Project Managers and support functions are present at your side and work hand in hand.

Our main poles:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Quality
  • Production
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting and Human Resources

of talent

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