No more problems with terrestrial networks !



Finally an affordable satellite solution for global tracking or gathering sensors data !

Discover our IOT satellite solution KINEIS “KINETIC-K1” dedicated to the collection of data of your equipment, the detection of untimely or suspicious movements, the monitoring of the time of use of your equipment and the real-time monitoring of operating conditions. The use of several communication networks (KINEIS / SIGFOX / LORAWAN), and in particular the KINEIS satellite network makes it possible to guarantee the feedback of information on the platform regardless of the position of your equipment on the planet (outdoors).

IP67 / IK10
Integrated antennas
Lora / Sigfox
RS232 / RS485

Detection of suspicious or untimely movements: Secure your

Supervision and monitoring of the time of use of the equipment:
Go to predictive maintenance

Do not look for your equipment, tools thanks to geolocation: Save

Real-time monitoring the movement of your equipment, the opening of your trailers or containers:
Optimize your flows and carry out your goods tracking

• Monitoring machines, parks, premises, containers
• Fleet management (real-time rental)
• Predictive maintenance
• Reduction of energy consumption
• Monitoring of performance indicators
• Safety and well-being of users (operators, animals, …)

• Alerting and monitoring
• Reduction of environmental impact
• Productivity and yield

The IIOT solution “KINETIC-K1” is equipped with the low power / low cost satellite communication of KINEIS. Thanks to this box, and the information it brings up, you will be able to automate your processes, regardless of the position of your equipment on the planet (outdoors). KINETIC-K1 capture information from:

• Movement
• Machine data in RS232/RS485
• Geolocation KINEIS doppler

All the data captured, analyzed and processed, can then, in real time, be monitored, analyzed and communicated with other machines, or simply alert you. In case of fluctuations, you can then react or your machines will do it for you.

For example, your vehicle may alert you to fuel theft or increase its daily usage rate. You can also monitor a physical setting such as the height of a tank or the temperature of an object thanks to the many possible options! You avoid stress and gain productivity.

• Agro-industry
• Industry
• Energy
• Supply chain and transport
• Smart City

• Machine, dumpster
• Vehicle
• Container
• Agroequipment
• …

• You know that your equipment can be in a geographical area not covered by terrestrial networks, KINETIC-K1 guarantees you to have daily lifts previously impossible at these affordable costs!

• An abnormal movement is detected on a machine, an engine starts, KINETIC-K1 alerts you, triggering actions as soon as possible!

• Your equipment leaves its area of its work area at an unexpected time, be reassured, you are warned!

Web platform and smartphone
Communication possible with your own tools by API

• Communication protocols: Kinéis, NFC, SigFox, LoraWAN
• Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 cm
• Fastening modes: Magnets, straps, screwing
• Certification: IP67/IK10